Hi! We're the Dyes!

We’re a small family¬†of candlemakers.

We’ve been handcrafting custom candles with love in beautiful Athens, Georgia since 1971.

What Our Customers are Saying

Thank you so much for our beautiful anniversary candle! It smells delicious and is so gorgeous!! It will be a treasure for a lifetime.”

Lucy Seabolt

“I LOVE these candles! They smell so amazing and last forever. They are great gifts ideas as well. Not to mention Ed, Betty-Anne, and John are always a pleasure to visit with!!”
Ashley Arnold

“Best candles ever. The smell is unique and absolutely warm, delightful and cozy. These candles smell like home. They burn a very long time. The candles are a work of art when they are brand new, but also the beauty changes as they burn.”
Gram Wohlust & Katie Frye

“This family is wonderful and their candles are amazing. My mother just bought some new candles this weekend and gave one to my daughter. It is her first Just Wick candle and she loves it.”
John Garcia

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